Lost project

I have found this project by Israel artist Revital Falke searching plasticine works on web, it looks great.
Other artworks here


wedding topper!

Cute work for the just married couple Alice and Lorenzo!

girl with umbrella

Another work with plasticine using bas-relief technique. I have tried to make a cute illustration about a baby girl which fly in the sky. Child book illustration.


Save the planet! - eco art project

Eco Art Project.
From a communication point of view, the project aims to create messages capable of having a strong emotional impact. Artistic expression is one of the most immediate manifestations of human emotion and is capable of communicating extremely powerful messages.

I have upload my work here to partecipate at the Contemporary EcoArt Contest.
Six Little Habits means how we can change rules using very simple practices so we need to change our thinking to reject products that damage the environment!



sony bravia advert

The Making of stopmotion Sony Bravia ad, 40 animators working through 4 hours generated 4 seconds of footage.


le petit prince

I love saint-exupéry's book and his illustrations.
"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

Clay puppets!

Puppets! The first one is my chatacter Anne.


First group of images about 3d artworks. The first one is a chalk face which I have moulded with plasticine, the following images shows the original face and the silicone mold. The last image shows my very first plasticine puppet that I have ever done, about the famous dreamworks'movie Flushed Away, the character is roddy.



Well, today I post this drawing about my character Anne, it is make with coloured pencils on paper, I think can show better my idea of childhood and it can be the good character illustration for fiction books.

Showing it here I wait some opinions... thanx!


what about me

Hi all!

This is my first post, I am very proud and excite to share my little, odd and colorfull creations with you so I am an italian illustrator and puppet maker.

Now I am working on this character: Anne