Business man

After the psychedelic cat I am proud to publish the old business man which so lovely arrange meetings and chatting about weather, economy and sports (and money).

New sketches

The first one of a new series of illustrations I done while ago. After sketched I have forgotten them rejecting to pass at the colour phase. You know, colour is a step you can not make easily, you need to try and try and try again with different colours and halftones and lights etc..
Today is a HOT day in Florence, sunlight make our home a kind of burning oven and I need to make something which involve my mind. OMG, I need a glass of water.




Inkscape illustration

Inkscape pencil

Well, I adore inkscape software. Do you know it? a simple, smart, efficient and free software to create vector images, editing text and much more.
This is only the pencil, below and here you can see the entire illustration I have done.


I did this sketch some time ago, it has been with inkpen a quicky exercise about hands and feet (why feet are so difficult to draft??).



Well, I made it some month ago. Now I have seen it and... wow, I must publish it... purrr, meow!